Poetry of Kansas

How Uncle Walt Writes

Walt Mason's a fellow that lives by his pen,
All papers and magazines, say, "Come again."
From cities back East to the far distant West
The common folks think Uncle Walt is the best.
He goes at a gallop, sometimes, when he writes,
Yet, while he is going he sees all the sights.
Along the highway as he travels he seizes
Some big chunk of wisdom and frames so it pleases.
Sometimes it's a jingle that sounds mighty sweet;
Sometimes something prosy without any feet;
Sometimes it's a yarn and sometimes it's a truth,
But never you'll find anything that's uncouth.
He looks o'er the field where the farmer's at work,
He spies round the store and he watches the clerk,
He looks at the fellow in office sometimes,
And next day he fixes 'em all up in rhymes.
Some folks often wonder how Old Uncle Walt
Gets all of the ginger and pepper and salt
He puts in his rhymes, when the grist every day
Is equal at least to a small bale of hay.
I'll tell you. He writes When he dozes at night,
When sitting at dinner a tablet's in Sight;
When out on the street he never is shirking,
With hands in his pockets two pencils he's work-
And when at his desk twixt his toes on the floor
Eight pencils are knocking off jingles galore.
May years yet to come, Walt, be sweeter to you.
May all of your friends in this old world be true.
May "rheumatiz" never strike fingers or toes,
May joys press you heavy, and lightly your woes.
May fingers and toes e er pen jingles of joy
And keep up the gallop___we like it old boy.

__Ed Blair.

Sunflower Siftings
Ed Blair
(Boston: The Gorham Press. 1914)
Page 23

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