Poetry of Kansas

Truthful Jim Talks Of Kansas

Spinnin' yarns, that's not my holt
    If I am from Kansas. 
Makes' my inner feelin's jolt 
    Hearin' yarns o' Kansas. 
Allus like to stick to truth, 
Learned that when I was a youth, 
Think some stories are uncouth, 
    That they tell o' Kansas. 
Yes, I lived here long ago
    In the state o' Kansas. 
Though there wasn't then much show 
    Fer a boy in Kansas. 
Helped Ed. R. Smith sow the seed 
Of the bluestem__yes, indeed,
Never growed a thing but weeds 
    'Fore that time in Kansas. 
Saw the drouth o'   '60 through
    On the plains o' Kansas. 
Scarcely knew then what to do, 
    Almost scared 'o Kansas. 
When the buffaloes came by 
Caught the cows and milked them dry; 
Allus some way if you try 
    To get through to Kansas. 

__Ed Blair.

Sunflower Siftings
Ed Blair
(Boston: The Gorham Press. 1914)
Page 16

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