Poetry of Kansas

"Easy Joe"

Easy Joe lives on a farm,
Takes things quiet___wouldn't harm
Any man on earth, not he
Just as kind as he can be.
Folks they call him Easy Joe,
And they know him, high and low,
Know him for the good he's done,
Like him for he's full of fun.
Though they call him Easy Joe,
In some ways he's not so slow.
Men a-selling lightning rods
Found him one day 'mong the clods.
Told him 'bout a dozen yarns
Of the lightning striking barns.
Told him how his rods would draw
Cordin' to the natural law,
Every bolt that might come near,
And he need not have a fear,
For with rods his barn would be
Safe from lightning; plain to see.
Joe, he took a fresher chew
Off his plug, then said he'd do
What they wished him to, "By Jing
"When the fall came in the spring,
"Or when old age came in youth,
"Or when peddlers told the truth;
"'Twas insured, and so, Gol dern,
"If it struck, why let her burn."

__Ed Blair.

Sunflower Siftings
Ed Blair
(Boston: The Gorham Press. 1914)
Pages 120-121

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