Poetry of Kansas

My Copper Toed Boots

I'll never forget them, as long as I live,
    The first pair of boots that I wore;
In the long, long ago, when I was but eight,
    They brought them one day from the store.
I put them right on and I strutted about,
    For I wanted the people to see
Those copper toed boots that completed my joy,
    And made a Big Man out of me.
I had dreamed of those boots, yes for weeks and
        for months,
    And I wondered if dreams would come true;
I talked of them mornings, when I would get up,
    And followed up all the day through;
For when I was eight they had told me, "Perhaps,"
    I would be big enough for a pair.
So I longed, and I talked, and I dreamed of the day
    When those copper toed boots I could wear.
I called ma's attention to boys smaller still,
    Who had them and wore them to school;
I showed pa my shoes, with the tops far too low,
    So low that my ankles got cool.
I measured myself with Bill Harvey, and he
    Was not any taller than I,
And Bill had a pair of those copper toed boots___
    If Bill had, now why shouldn't I ?
And I got them the morning that I was just eight,
    And I walked with big steps like my pa,
And he told me as I was a striding along,
    "You'll be a man yet 'fore your ma."
I've had some fine things done for me in my time,
    But most of them come through by freight;
But the finest of all was my copper toed boots
    They gave me when I was just eight.

__Ed Blair.

Sunflower Siftings
Ed Blair
(Boston: The Gorham Press. 1914)
Page 46

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