Poetry of Kansas

April's Call

I wish to wander___wander listlessly,
    Somewhere along the lanes to gather flowers,
And to the gentle woods where buds are green,
    To hide in some wild nook from April showers.
The woods are calling and the babbling brook
    Invites me to its banks that I may hear
Its low sweet murmur, as it ripples on
    O er winding stony ways so sweet and clear.
I wish to wander___wander listlessly,
    Without a destination, just to be
Where'er my feet may carry, without cares___
    With childlike faith again a wanderer free
To watch the birds returning and to see
    The swelling buds grow larger day by day,
And feel at peace again with this old Earth,
    Forgetting cares as when in youth at play.
Yes, let dear Earth be mine as days of old,
    A play-house only, where care-free I roam,
And let Dame Nature with its April songs,
    Its hopes and treasures, be my heart's sweet
Let me again forget all strife and care,
    My heart burst forth in song once more today
While I just ramble through the lanes and woods
    Care free again, care free as when at play.

__Ed Blair.

Sunflower Siftings
Ed Blair
(Boston: The Gorham Press. 1914)
Page 117

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