Poetry of Kansas

Lines to One Who Ever Suspects

Oh, please, when you inspect my verse, won't you
    Stop chasing rabbits down my hedge! Suppose
    A fair, slim man like you I do enclose
Within the gem. You think you have a clue!
You smell a rabbit! (At the hedge's end
    He'll change, I swear, into a porcupine!)
    You are the man. And in all verse of mine
You can be seen. Stand back! You need not bend
Olfactory so close. You have no edge
    On me. When I am done, the man I show
    Is patched-up out of all the men I know.
They too might chase a rabbit down my hedge.
P.S. This is the only verse of mine
In which the rabbit does not change to porcupine,

__Margaret E. Haughawout.


Sheep's Clothing
Margaret E. Haughawout
Page 56
(Pittsburg, Kansas: __. 1929)

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