Poetry of Kansas

To a Good Girl

Like some chaste maenad whom the storm cannot seduce
    You sweep into my frugal room.
Relentless steel is in your powerful stride; bright, loose
    Spun gold, wind-swept, your hair.  No doom
Can quite confuse your insolent young strength; the hue
    Of softest rose upon your damask cheek
Belies no whit the pitiless and level blue
    With which you meet my gaze.  You reek
Of goodness, definite and hard;  efficiency;
    Determined, fixed, and sealed you know
The pale of right; and wrong you know you'll never
        know.  I see
    You nail your colors to the mast!  You throw
Away your scabbard!  Wrong but stirs your glorious
        young wrath!
I pray no weak nor inefficient thing may cross your
        glowing path!

__Margaret E. Haughawout.


Sheep's Clothing
Margaret E. Haughawout
Page 44
(Pittsburg, Kansas: __. 1929)

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