Poetry of Kansas

The Galled Jade

This brave front I mostly wear
    To shroud what nights have done to days,
This braggart's cry (that screens despair)
    That I am author of my ways;
My glittering words to mask defeat
    That I am cheek-by-jowl with God
And manage him with methods neat
    Go by with most among whom I plod.
But when I meet you, silent one,
    Your unequivocating eye,
Your patience veiling something close
    To God's pity, I defy,
Of my brave clothing I'm bereft.
    My great word's intended tones
Stutter . . . my soul stands bare . . . I am left
    Small, chill, vague, alone.

__Margaret E. Haughawout.


Sheep's Clothing
Margaret E. Haughawout
Page 17
(Pittsburg, Kansas: __. 1929)

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