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The Prairie

A world, wide, wide;
   Hours, long, and slow; 
High grass, brown, dead; 
   Hills, dim and low; 

A sky, blue, blue; 
   A hawk, high, lone; 
A blazing sun, 
   To clouds, unknown; 
A bird, small, small, 
   And timid and gay; 
A cactus bloom; 
   A coyote at play; 

A wind, wild, wild; 
   A tree, dim, far, 
On a bluff, red, steep; 
   Twilight__a star;
A moon, gold, gold; 
   Silence, deep, deep; 
Magic, mystery, 
   Night__and sleep.

__Dorothy Statton

Sunflowers, A Book of Kansas Poems
Selected by Willard Wattles
page 174
(Chicago: A. C. McClurg. 1916)
September 18, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas /

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