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Morning in Kansas

     There are lands beyond the ocean which are gray
beneath their years, where a hundred generations 
learned to sow and reap, and spin; where the sons 
of Shem, and Japhet wet the furrow with their 
tears__and the noontide is departed, and the night
is closing in. 
     Long ago the shadows lengthened in the lands 
across the sea, and the dusk is now enshrouding 
regions nearer home, alas! There are long de- 
serted homesteads in this country of the free__but
it's morning here in Kansas, and the dew is on the
     It is morning here in Kansas, and the break-
fast bell is rung! We are not yet fairly started 
on the work we mean to do; we have all day be- 
fore us, for the morning is but young, and there's 
hope, ln every zephyr, and 'the skies are bright and 
     It is morning here in Kansas, and the dew is
on the sod; as the builders of an empire it is ours 
to do our best; with our minds at work in Kan- 
sas, and our faith and trust in God, we shall not 
be counted idle when the sun sinks in the West 

___Walt Mason

Sunflowers, A Book of Kansas Poems
Selected by Willard Wattles
page 3
(Chicago: A. C. McClurg. 1916)
September 19, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas /

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