Poetry of Kansas

It's Raining Out in Kansas.

It's raining out in Kansas
        Where it was so hot a while, 
It's raining, yes it's raining, 
        And we're wearing that old smile. 
The pools are filled with water 
        And the ground is soaked and wet, 
And the weather cool, not hotter, 
        And we've most forgot to fret. 
It's raining out in Kansas
        On the farms and down the creeks, 
And the stock that needed water 
        Now no longer vainly seeks. 
And the plows are in the stubble 
        Where the wheat so grandly grew, 
And the springs now freshly bubble 
        With the water that is new. 
It's raining out in Kansas,
        What a joy to those who toil; 
For bread and meat for millions 
        Must come from Kansas soil. 
And the seedbeds must be ready 
        Or the reapers cannot glean. 
It's raining out in Kansas 
        And again we are serene. 
It's raining out in Kansas,
        What a joy its patter makes 
For the rain will stop the chatter 
        Of the liars and the fakes. 
And the wheat will soon be growing 
        In the green fields as of yore. 
It's raining out in Kansas 
        And Good Lord__just let it pour!

__Ed Blair.

Sunflower Siftings
Ed Blair
(Boston: The Gorham Press. 1914)
Page 154

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