Delphic Kansas

Kate Stephens

Winds of Delphic Kansas
    Half-west, half-east: half-north, half-south;
    -As in Grecian Delphi in days of old,
    The centre of the world as men then told.
    The winds blow ever. and through a god's mouth
O the snow-footed, ice-armored winds of the prairie,
            Rushing out mightily
      From cosmic caves of the north,
      From glacier forces of earth and air,
            The winter winds of the prairie,
    They drive clark clouds from morn to morn,
    They shake the light o'er stubbles of corn,
    They whistle through woods of leaves all shorn,
    With never a hint of the spring to be born,
            The flesh-freezing winds of the prairie !

__Kate Stephens

Delphic Kansas
Kate Stephens
(Woodstock, N.Y.: The Maverick Press. 1911)
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