Kansas Zephyrs

Ed Blair
Cadmus, KS
(Madison, Wis: The American Thresherman. 1901)

An Evening's Stroll                                  92
Ants                                                 190
At Parting                                           37
August                                               123
Bank Them with Flowers                               177
Bellyacherville                                      12
Bill Knowem Meets a Man He Had Seen Once Before      113
Billy, The Family Horse                              47
Bingtown Band, The                                   26
Bound fer Kansas                                     1
Boy's Autograph Album, For a                         49
Build Up the Grange                                  129
Cackle, Cackle, Plymouth Rocks                       154
Camper's Story, The                                  152
Cares                                                186
Careworn Jim                                         44
Dearer Than Before                                   68
Dear Old Grange, The                                 93
Death of a Friend                                    104
Debut of Mamma's New Hat                             109
Dedication of C. C. Cady's New House                 76
Easy Ike's Experience--Raising Chickens              5
Easy Ike Likes the Farm                              175
Easy Ike's Philosophy                                87
Ef I Was Jist a Millionaire                          17
Experience                                           114
Fair Elm Creek                                       126
Farmer Brown's Tragic Death                          130
Fay's Dolly Song                                     67
First Shirtwaist, The                                146
Flowers and the 'Tater Vines, The                    10
God Forsaken Kansas, or The Drouth of '60            24
Going Back to Kansas                                 137
Gran'pa and Santa Claus                              147
He Hung to His Rope                                 143
Hobson's Fame                                        122
Hustling Pumpkin Vine, The                           134
I'd Like t' be a Kid at School                       107
I'd Like Ter                                         133
I'd Like to be at Home Again                         178
Johnny and His Pa                                    171
Johnny at the Circus                                 50
John Smith                                           53
Kansas                                               180
Kansas Joint Keeper's Dilemma, The                   7
Leaves of October                                    46
Legend of the Marais des Cygnes, The                 161
Life                                                 45
Life's Tragedies                                     142
Little Fall Me Down                                  145
Little Johnny's Snakebite                            169
Lynx-Eyed Bill, The Terror                           29
Mamma's Bed                                          66
Mary and the Bike                                    143
Maud and the Judge                                   72
My Old Prairie Home                                  74
My One-Two-Three                                     32
My Pa 'n' Ma                                         81
My Pioneer Home in Kansas                            193
My Teachers                                          111
My Uncle John                                        52
Neglect                                              182
New Religion, The                                    124
New Year's Resolutions                               127
Not a Spring Chicken                                 132
Ode to the Kansas Sunflower, An                      36
Old Settler's Album, The                             149
Old Stone School House, The                          69
Our Banta Rooster                                    40
Price's Raid                                         41
Rain Upon the Corn, The                              4
Reminiscences by Yarner and Truthful Jim             172
Reminiscences of an 01d Kansas Settler               61
Roekville's Religion                                 100
Rose from the Old Garden, A                          16
Runnin' Off                                          7
Seasons, The                                         56
She Kaint Green Me                                   33
She Would Glide                                      141
Silent Hours                                         110
Six Years Old                                        166
Song of the Wind and the Leaves, The                 14
Stingy Folks                                         191
Story of Our Runt, A                                 121
Stovepipe                                            144
Summer is O'er                                       108
Sweet Spring                                         96
There Ain't No Difference Much                       83
Today                                                160
To "Little Omega"                                    23
To Miss Dott and Mr. Trott                           168
To Tom Marshall and His Bride                        148
Tot's Sickness, The       131
Traveler's Story, The                                78
Tribute, A                                           85
Trot's Engine                                        80
Uncle Jake and Bill Take in the Show                 19
Uncle Jake and Son from Possum Creek Visit the City  157
Uncle Jake Visits Easy Street                        38
Uncle Mose and Grandma Nancy's Courtship             97
Visit to Grandma's House, A                          105
Uncle Si an' Uncle Joe                               86
Way Up Stairs At Gran'ma's House                     21
When Birds Sing and Fishes Jerk                      34
When It Gets Dry in Kansas                           184                  
Workers and Gossipers     71
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