Poetry of Kansas

Secret Underpants

I have Bill Blass's underpants,
Sky blue with a bright white band.
I wear them only rarely,
And I wash them out by hand.
I guess when I was buying clothes,
There in the fitting rooms,
I picked Bill's pants up by mistake,
And he got my Fruit of the Looms.
Now, Bill had put his name on his.
I dropped the ball that time.
He was sure more proud of his underpants
Than I ever was of mine.
My pants must be quite loose on him.
He's svelte--he's got to be.
His underwear was not designed
For my rotundity.
I don't wear Bill's briefs when I go out
To walk around the square.
--Get hit by a truck and the world would think
That I wear blue underwear!
I fear to die in that attire,
And face my Maker's whim.
God would say, "You've got Bill's undies on!
Go give them back to him!"

__Max Yoho.

Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious
Max Yoho
(Topeka: Dancing Goat Press. 2004)
Page 3

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