Poetry of Kansas

Victor Hugo

"He is a mal-formed giant."__John Burroughs.
"A mal-formed giant" ! Let us rather say
    That we are dwarfs who barely touch the knee 
    Of this great-passioned man, who dares to free 
Himself from shackles, choosing his own way 
To make us pygmies feel his mighty sway:__
    And if on level with his eyes we'd be, 
    We first must reach his heart,__then we may see
From such rare height the Power he doth obey. 
Or say he is a mountain-peak, his head 
    Upreared beyond the line of wreathed mist, 
Where lowland dwellers may sometime be led 
    O'er rocky steeps, through many a turn and twist, 
To find their native valleys wide outspread, 
    Into strange beauty by the ether kissed. 
__Florence L. Snow.

Kansas in Literature
(Topeka: Crane & Co. 1900)
Page 102

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