Poetry of Kansas


    5.The Call of KansasEsther M. Clark
    9.KansasHarry Kemp
  10.Morning in KansasWalt Mason
  11.Three StatesEugene F. Ware
  11.Kansas and LondonHarry Kemp
  12.Each In His Own TongueWilliam Herbert Carruth
  14.OpportunityJohn J. Ingalls
  15.KansasNicholas Vachel Lindsay
  18.When the Sunflowers BloomAlbert Bigelow Paine
  20.It Will Be A Kansas YearJ. B. Edson
  21.Joy In the Corn BeltC. L. Edson
  22.Walls of CornEllen P. Allerton
  24.Ah! SunflowerWilliam Blake
  25.Winds of Delphic KansasKate Stephens
  28.Le Marius du CygneJohn G. Whittier
  31.The Prairie PioneersC. L. Edson
  34.ChewinkAmanda T. Jones
  35.Spring In KansasKate Stephens
  37.The Prairie SchoonerCharles Moreau Harger
  38.Where "A Lovely Time Was Had"William Allen White
  40.Pawpaws RipeSol Miller
  44.KansasWillard Wattles
  47.Carrie NationWillard Wattles
  48.John BrownEugene F. Ware
  51.John BrownW. H. Simpson
  51.A Tribute to John Brown J. G. Waters
  52.John BrownWilliam Herbert Carruth
  53.An Idol-Smashing Land C. L. Edson
  58.A Wheat-Field FantasyHarry Kemp
  59.The Promise of Bread C. L. Edson
  61.A Willer Crick IncidentWilliam Allen White
  63.A Border Memory Florence L. Snow
  68.The Defense of LawrenceRichard Realf
  70.FunstonJames J. Montague
  72.Ode to KansasWalt Mason
  73.My Sage-Brush GirlC. L. Edson
  75.Plowing Corn in KansasWillard Wattles
  78.Sunflowers in the CornWillard Wattles
  82.Cutting the CornC. L. Edson
  84.A Ridge of CornHamlin Garland
  86.Farm MachineryWalt Mason
  88.The Land That God Forgot Harry Kemp
  90.Before the Robin DaresRose Morgan
  91.Pine Trees in KansasRose Morgan
  92.Bouncing-BetRose Morgan
  93.The ThrushAmanda T. Jones
  95.SunflowersC. L. Edson
  97.The Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim   Anonymous
101.The Song of the Kansas ImigrantJohn G. Whittier
103.Stay West, Young ManWillard Wattles
105.ManhoodWillard Wattles
107.A Challenge to Youth Willard Wattles
110.KansasHarry Kemp
111.An Epic for KansasWillard Wattles
115.April on Half Moon MountainC. L. Edson
116.Out of the Kansas DustGeorge T. and C. L. Edson
118.The Old TimerWalt Mason
119.When She Was Born Upon That Kansas Hill Willian Herbert Carruth
120.TescottWilliam Herbert Carruth
121.The Real Foreign InvasionC. L. Edson
127.The Graderratun' of JoeWilliam Allen White
129.The Red BirdAmanda T. Jones
130.The MaverickWillard Wattles
132.Threshing TimeC. L. Edson
135.The FarmerC. L. Edson
137.On the FarmEllen P. Allerton
139.A Regular Dry SpellC. L. Edson
141.Butchering DayC. L. Edson
144.My PeopleWillard Wattles
148."Then, Whate'er The Weather"Willard Wattles
153.May On OreadWillard Wattles
154.The University of KansasWillard Wattles
156.Kansas, Mother of Us AllWillard Wattles
157.Harry KempWillard Wattles
168.The Prairie SleeperWillard Wattles
171.The Gates AjarAlbert Bigelow Paine
172.The Sensitive BrierAmanda T. Jones
174.The Prairie WindWillard Wattles
181.The Stars Above Mt. OreadEsther M. Clark
182.RequiemEugene F. Ware
183.Ad VivosKate Stephens

Willard Wattles
(Lawrence: The World Company. 1914)

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