Poetry of Kansas


MAKE room for the thousands on thou-
sands returning
    From the lowly pathway of darkness!
Our hearts with accents of kindness are
    Unfurl your proud banner and wel-
come them in!
From the isles of the ocean, the plains and
the dells,
    Thousands on thousands are watching the
The fond mother's heart in gratitude swells__
    Oh! say, shall we wake and find this a
O'er cities and towns, o'er valleys' and
    May the flag of temperance o'er all be
It bids you partake of the life-giving foun-
   Those waters are flowing to gladden the
Oh! still at our post we stand to deliver,
    Till the light burns again on each deso-
late hearth,
And the demon of whisky is vanquished for-
    Whose breath like a plague has darkened
the earth !

__Anna A. Wright.

More Truth Than Poetry
Anna A. Wright
(Chicago: W. S. Battis & Co. 1884)
Pages 171-172

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