Poetry of Kansas

The South Wind.

Blow! south wind, and sweep the earth,
While you sing a song so weird and strange
You wake the bulblets over the range
And beckon the flowers to latent birth.
You've lapped the snow from off the grass,
Where the blizzard leveled the lea;
The ice-fettered streams now babble so free
And join the chorus as you pass.
Night and day, then day and night,
You roar with wild unceasing pace;
No man nor beast but dreads to face
Your buffeting hand and strength of might.
On to the surf of boreal shores
And God speed you on your way,
Where colossal icebergs hold the sway;
There sleeping, melt them with your snores.
Ah, we see you've spent your power,
And as you slacken just a shade,
One little drop on the window is laid,
Then the leaves unfold in soothing shower.

__C. P. Slane.

Flashlights and Territorial Reminiscences of Kansas
In Verse

C. P. Slane
(Cincinnati: The Editor Publishing Co. 1900)
Page 60

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