Poetry of Kansas

The Pawpaw

The pawpaw grows out in the wood
      Upon a little tree,
It has a flavor sweet and good
      That quite agrees with me.
Its mushy meat I fain would gulp,
      'Tis soothing to my soul;
It has brown seeds and juicy pulp,
      A skin surrounds the whole.
I meet some folks upon life's road
      Who do not like its taste
And if they had a wagon load
      Would let them go to waste.
I might be able to conceive,
      If I should firmly strive
How one might be content to leave
      The pleasant family hive
And go out in the cruel world,
      In loneliness to roam
Where disappointment's darts are hurled
      And never think of home;
Or even how a man might learn
      To love his mother-in-law,
But cannot see how one could spurn
      The glorious pawpaw.
If I were rich as Morganheim
      I'd buy a plot of land
And put in all my leisure time
      Upon a project grand;
I'd set it out in pawpaw trees
      And thus provide a treat,
That all the folks on land and sea
      Might have enough to eat.

__Albert Stroud.


Verdigris Valley Verse
Albert Stroud
(Coffeyville, Kansas: The Journal Press. 1917)
Page 96

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