Poetry of Kansas

The Limit of Patience

An altruistic fellow
Is our good old Uncle Sam;
His fame is known throughout the earth
From Cuba to Siam.
He would spike the bristling cannon
If he only had a chance
And instruct the King of Seboo
In the art of wearing pants.
He's the very cream of patience
If things are going right
But when some one pulls his whiskers
He is mighty apt to fight.
He would feed the hungry millions
With his wealth of golden grain
And kid them when their hearts are sore
Until they smile again.
If they only tell their troubles
And patiently will wait,
We will rally to their rescue
While our Uncle pays the freight.
There's room for all the poor of earth
Within his ample lap,
But when some one treads his bunions
He is mighty prone to scrap.
He succored hungry Belgium
Whose land was torn by war,
He fought the epizootic
On the shores of Labrador,
He sent his Christmas turkeys
To the folks in Guadeloupe
To save our missionaries
When the heathen yearned for soup.
He's as peaceful as a Quaker
And detests the battle's din
But he'll fight his weight in wildcats
When the wildcat rubs it in.
His scholars and his statesmen
Have worked from day to day
To educate us in the art
Of giving things away;
Till we cut our daily rations
To hominy and prunes
And sent our eggs and bacon
To the starving Kameroons.
But when some husky bully
Starts in to run a bluff
He finds our Uncle isn't all
The tender-hearted stuff.

Verdigris Valley Verse
Albert Stroud
(Coffeyville, Kansas: The Journal Press. 1917)
Pages 42-43

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