Poetry of Kansas

The Legislature

Oh, we have a legislature at Topeky,
There are men with noses keen and voices squeaky
          There are those whose steps are slow
          And whose tones are soft and low,
And all appear to have some notions freaky.
The bills that they present, their name is oodles,
They are working out a recipe for noodles;
          They would fain forbid our dears
          Wearing doo-dads in their ears,
And they want to put a tax on sore-eyed poodles.
For fewer county offices they belier,
Till they've scared the court house "rats" into the
          Where each one has agreed
          It is just the thing we need,
Provided they will can the other feller.
They seem to have poor luck at legislating,
But expect to do some tall appropriating;
          If their promises they spurn,
          They can anyway adjourn
And let the taxes go on aviating.
But let's be calm and face it without squealing
And calmly play the hand that they are dealing;
    If they only wag their jaws
          And refrain from passing laws,
There wont be such a bunch to need repealing.

__Albert Stroud.


Verdigris Valley Verse
Albert Stroud
(Coffeyville, Kansas: The Journal Press. 1917)
Page 97

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