Poetry of Kansas

Keeping Up The Interest

Mary had a little calf___
In fact she had a pair___
But the fellows couldn't see them
For the clothes she used to wear.
So Mary shortened up her skirts,
Her gambrels to display,
And proudly marched along the streets
To paralyze the jay.
Eftsoons she lost the power
The loafers to bewitch,
For they had grown accustomed
To seeing legs and sich;
So she togged her underpinnings
In thin and gauzy hose
And shoes so low they only served
To cover up her toes.
When these at last had spent their charms
The gazers to debauch,
She tried the latest recipe
And bought an ankle watch.

Verdigris Valley Verse
Albert Stroud
(Coffeyville, Kansas: The Journal Press. 1917)
Page 117

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