Poetry of Kansas

Table Of Contents

Introduction   11
Things We Ought to Know   13
Revising the Bible   14
Beautiful Snow   15
Intensive Gardening   16
Poetry and Weather   17
The Kansas That Was   18
The Warrior's Farewell   19
When Pa Goes Fishin'   22
An Inalienable Right   23
English As She Is Not Spelled   24
Voices of the Night   25
Cadmus and Europa   26
The Melancholy Days   27
Godiva Up to Date   28
The Weather Grouch   29
Small Potatoes   30
Kate Bender Dead Again   31
Striking It Rich   32
When the Worm Turned   34
Damon and Pythias   35
Tell, the Swiss Patriot   36
Down Where They Raise 'Em   38
The Return of the Bustle   39
A Restaurant Tragedy   39
A Western Romance   40
The Limit of Patience   42
The Call of Duty   43
Who Are the Heathen?   44
Out of a Job   45
Modern Robin Hood   46
The Neversweat   47
The Summer Appetite   48
Balak and Baalam   49
Wasted Opportunities   50
Propriety in Dress   52
Joys of Spring   53
When Zekiel Played the Fiddle   54
The Last of Tim   55
When Rover Runned Away   56
A Perverted Invention   58
The Would-Be Tax Dodger   59
Looking on the Bright Side   61
Woes of the Wealthy   62
A Plea for the Teacher   63
Work for the Booster Club   64
The Pessimist's Plaint   65
The Ideal Season   66
The Christmas Fiddle   68
Sister's Summer Hat   70
Exit J. Barleycorn   72
The Moving Season   73
Getting Back to the Farm   74
Fishing Time   76
A Cat-astrophe   77
Downfall of the Speed Fiend   78
No Time to Vote   79
Knocking the Doctor   80
Legislative Superfluity   81
Julius Caesar   82
The Prodigal Son   83
The Baby Sister   84
New Year Resolves   85
The Snorer   86
House Cleaning Time   87
Following Suit   87
Hand-Me-Down Maxims   88
The Summer of Umpity-Steen   90
City Elections   91
Christmas Giving   92
The Calendar and the Girl   94
The Pawpaw   96
The Legislature   97
School Day Memories   98
The Warm Weather Nuisance   99
The National Guard100
It Was a Church Wedding101
A Plea for the Mule102
The Spider and the Fly103
The Parade Habit104
The Successful Failure105
Gardening by Almanac106
The Call of the Brook107
Requiescat in Partes108
Baby Bye--Revised109
Taking Vacations110
Hereditary Crime112
The Assessor113
When Willie Jined the Band114
"Nothing in the Paper"116
Keeping Up the Interest117
The Reformed Reformer118
What's In a Name?119
Everything Is High120
A Tussle with Grip121
High Water Time122
It Isn't Any Snap123
The Three Fishers124

Verdigris Valley Verse
Albert Stroud
(Coffeyville, Kansas: The Journal Press. 1917)
Pages 9-10

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