Poetry of Kansas

Looking on the Bright Side

Jim Jacobs aint the kind of chap to grumble and
No matter if the weather's dry or if it wants to rain.
He whistles when the creek is out and never seems to
"Oh, I dunno," is his response, "It aint so very wet."
In summer when the rains have ceased and people
      are forlorn
And when they say the blazing sun is burning up
      the corn,
Jim allus manages to shock the pessimistic swarm
When he observes "Oh, I dunno; it aint so very
While teaming o'er the Texas plains, way back in '88,
Jim lost the trail and lost bissell and lost his load of
He had no water for three days, but when relief
      came by
Jim tipped the canteen up and said: "I wern't so very
One day, not very long ago, Jim suddenly took ill;
The doctor came and left for him a powder and a
His wife called for the minister to come and see him
But Jim demurred, "Oh, I dunno; I aint so very sick."
The good man came and plead with him to hastily
Before he died and landed down where other sinners
Jim smiled a little, sickly grin and raised up on his
And feebly murmured: "I dunno; hell aint so awful

Verdigris Valley Verse
Albert Stroud
(Coffeyville, Kansas: The Journal Press. 1917)
Pages 61-62

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