Poetry of Kansas

Work for the Booster Club

A maiden of uncertain years
      Unto a Booster went;
Her eyes were filled with twinkling tears,
      Her voice was cracked and bent.
She said: "I understand your club
      Is working for the town,
To boost the cause of every dub
      And keep dissension down.
"The city's merchants you protect
      From aliens with their wares
And street car men are promptly checked
      From charging monstrous fares;
But while you rave at Seerbuck-Ward,
      It seems to me a bluff;
The idee hits me plenty hard
      You don't go far enough.
"The principle is all O. K.,
      I want to see it tried
Upon the chap who goes away
      To get himself a bride.
There's lots of girls right here at home
      Who do not have a beau,
And why young men for love should roam
      Is something I don't know.
We are as good as those who dwell
      In regions far away;
And yet it seems the foreign belle
      Can beat us any day.
"So wont you, Mr. Booster Man,
      Our interests protect
And try to formulate a plan
      To have the practice checked?
For self alone you should not live
Your prospects to enhance;
But try to find some way to give
      The home-grown girl a chance."

Verdigris Valley Verse
Albert Stroud
(Coffeyville, Kansas: The Journal Press. 1917)
Page 64

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