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Baby Bye_Revised

Baby Bye, here's a fly,
Let us swat him, you and I;
See him crawl up the wall,
Aint he got a lot of gall?
Now he goes on his toes,
Spreading germs o'er Baby's nose.
Baby Bye, swat the fly,
Soak the villain hip and thigh;
He is like Pandora's box,
Full of mumps and chicken-pox.
See, he scatters in his wake
Grip and croup and stomach-ache.
Get a sheet of tangle-foot,
Screens upon the window put;
Do not let the little fly
In the room with Baby Bye.

Verdigris Valley Verse
Albert Stroud
(Coffeyville, Kansas: The Journal Press. 1917)
Page 109

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