Poetry of Kansas


The Darkness Around Us Is Deep
William Stafford
(New York: Harper-Collins. 1993)
Page Title
    3With Kit, Age Seven, At The Beach
    4Passing Remark
    5At Our House
    7For A Lost Child
    8A Memorial: Son Bret
    9The Light By The Barn
  12Long Distance
  18A Story That Could Be True
  19How These Words Happened
  21Found In a Storm
  22A Song in the Manner Of Flannery O'Connor
  23If I Could Be Like Wallace Stevens
  24My Hands
  25An Archival Print
  26Run Before Dawn
  28From The Move To California
  29An Oregon Message
  31How To Regain Your Soul
  32Salvaged Parts
  33Turn Over Your Hand
  34Waiting In Line
  36Traveling Through The Dark
  37Thinking For Berky
  41In The Oregon Country
  42Stories To Live In The World With
  44In The Night Desert
  45By A River In The Osage Country
  46In Fur
  47Indian Caves In The Dry Country
  48Returned To Say
  49Wind World
  51The Concealment: Ishi, The Last Wild Indian
  53People Of The South Wind
  55Report To Crazy Horse
  58Sioux Haiku
  59The Research Team In The Mountains
  61Ultimate Problems
  62Weather Report
  65Our Kind
  66My Mother Was A Soldier
  67Vacation Trip
  68Mother's Day
  69Some Shadows
  71108 East 19th
  72Father's Voice
  75A Thanksgiving For My Father
  77Fall Journey
  79My Father: October 1942
  81Living On The Plains
  82A Catechism
  85The Farm On The Great Plains
  87Serving With Gideon
  88The Rescued Year
  91In The Deep Channel
  92Saint Matthew And All
  93Looking Across The River
  96Aduls Only
  97Remembering Brother Bob
  98Aunt Mabel
  99A Family Turn
100One Home
102First Grade
104Earth Dweller
106Prairie Town
109Watching The Jet Planes Dive
110At The Bomb Testing Site
113A Dedication
115Mr. or Mrs. Nobody
117At The Un-National Monument Along The Canadian Border
118For My Young Friends Who Are Afraid
119How It Is
121In Camp
122Time Capsule
124Peace Walk
125In The White Sky
126Ask Me
127Things I Learned Last Week
128Star In The Hills
130So Long
131Sayings From The Northern Ice
133Purifying The Language Of The Tribe
134The Well Rising
135A Ritual To Read To Each Other

The Darkness Around Us Is Deep
William Stafford
(New York: Harper Perennial. 1993)

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