Poetry of Kansas

Spring Song.

Now doth the wily Congressman
     Proceed to get polite
And offer to his dear constits.
     'Most everything in sight.
He hopes that he "may be of use
     In any public way,"
And would be glad to hear their views
     "On the topics of the day."
Now doth he send "a public doc"
     To each waiting constit.,
And "under separate cover"
     Lets fly those gems of lit.;
And pink-faced bags of garden seed,
     Lumpy and flat and square,
Falling in showers as the sparks
     Of a rocket spent in air!
And books anent the noble Horse,
     His diseases and their cure;
And Bulletins on how to keep
     The milk and butter pure;
He shies 'em here, he shunts 'em there,
     With letters brief but strong,
And bursting vans of the House P. O.
     The groaning pavements throng!

Let other rhymesters sing the rose
     And the lily, virgin fair;
I sing the subtle Congressman,
     And his boquets of Hot Air!
Let others woo the wanton, Love,
     With all her pretty folly;
Give me the winsome Congressman
     With all his Spring-time "jolly!"

__Hannah Rea Woodman.

Poems by Hannah Rea Woodman
(Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: A. V. Haight & Company. 1909)
Page 85

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