Poetry of Kansas

Sun And Shower.

How you surprised us that day, O rain!
   From out a cloud that was passing by,
When the san was pouring his brilliant rays
   On the weary earth so parched and dry.
How the trees looked up and laughed with delight,
    And rustled with joy, as the welcome breeze
Swept through them, and the crystal drops
   Scattered the dust from their drooping leaves.
How the poor, brown grass, through each dying blade,
   Felt a quiver of life delightful keen,
And drinking fast with thirsty lips,
   Almost put on a tinge of green.
How the withering flowers shook out their plumes,
   And murmurs of hope and gladness made,
As each wet kiss of crystal sheen
   On their hot and fading cheeks was laid.
How languishing nature, through all its heart,
    Felt a new fresh impulse, glad and sweet,
While all its pulses in every part,
   Kept time to the rhythmic raindrops' beat.
How I leaned far out o'er the window sill,
    For the freshness of air and the glory of sky,
And hugged to my heart the delusive thought
   That the longed-for good was not passing by.
But the clouds with their hope grew low and less,
   And the sun still shone with a royal will;
And the glistening drops evanished quite,
   And left the parched earth thirsty still.

__Mrs. Elvira Robinson.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Edited by Thomas W. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers' Association. 1894)
Page 325

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