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Table of Contents

1 The Call of Kansas Ester M. Clark
3 Kansas Harry Kemp
3 Morning in Kansas Walt Mason
4 Three States Eugene F. Ware
5 Kansas and London Harry Kemp
5 Opportunity John J. Ingalls
6 Each in His Own Tongue William Herbert Carruth
7 Kansas Nicholas Vachel Lindsay
10 When the Sunflowers Bloom Albert Bigelow Paine
11 We'll be going on Again Dorothy Statton
13 It Will Be a Kansas Year J. B. Edson
14 Joy in the Corn Belt C. L. Edson
15 Walls of Corn Ellen P. Allerton
17 Ah! Sunflower! William Blake
18 Winds of Delphic Kansas Kate Stephens
20 Wind in the Treetops Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos
22 Le Marais Du Cygne John Greenleaf Whittier
25 The Prairie Pioneers C. L. Edson
28 Chewink Amanda T. Jones
29 Spring in Kansas Kate Stephens
30 Shri Krishna's Flute Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos
32 The Prairie Schooner Charles Moreau Harger
34 Good-bye to the Cottonwood Margaret Hill McCarter
36 Where "A Lovely Time Was Had" William Allen White
38 Pawpaws Ripe Sol Miller
42 Kansas Willard Wattles
44 Carrie Nation Willard Wattles
45 John Brown Eugene Ware
48 John Brown W. H. Simpson
48 A Tribute to John Brown J. G. Waters
49 John Brown William Herbert Carruth
50 In Idol Smashing Land C. L. Edson
54 A Wheat Field Fantasy Harry Kemp
55 The Promise of Bread C. L. Edson
57 A Willer Crick Incident William Allen White
59 A Border of Memory Florence L. Snow
64 The Defense of Lawrence Richard Realf
67 The Choice Dorothy Statton
69 Funston James J. Montague
70 Ode to Kansas Walt Mason
71 My Sage-Brush Girl C. L. Edson
73 May on Oread Willard Wattles
73 The Man Behind the Gun Esther M. Clark
76 My Dear Esther M. Clark
77 The Hands That Cling Esther M. Clark
78 The Mother Esther M. Clark
79 April on Half Moon Mountain C. L. Edson
80 Meadow Lark and Prairie Wind Anne Reece Pugh
81 Clover and Sky Esther M. Clark
82 A Ridge of Corn Hamlin Garland
84 Plowing Corn in Kansas Willard Wattles
87 Bouncing-Bet Rose Morgan
88 Sunflowers in the Corn Willard Wattles
91 Cutting the Corn C.L.Edson
93 Farm Machinery Walt Mason
95 Before the Robin Dares Rose Morgan
96 The Land That God Forgot Harry Kemp
98 The Thrush Amanda T. Jones
99 Requiem Eugene Ware
100 Sunflowers C. L. Edson
102 When She Was Born Upon That Kansas Hill William Herbert Carruth
103 Pine Trees in Kansas Rose Morgan
104 The Little Old Sod Shanty On the Claim anonymous
106 The Red Bird Amanda T. Jones
107 The Song of the Kansas Emigrant John Greenleaf Whittier
109 Stay West Young Man Willard Wattles
111 A Challenge to Youth Willard Wattles
114 Manhood Willard Wattles
116 An Epic for Kansas Willard Wattles
120 The Old Timer Walt Mason
121 To the Wild Verbena Rose Morgan
122 Out of the Kansas Dust George and C.L.Edson
124 The Real Foreign Invasion C. L. Edson
130 Kansas Harry Kemp
130 The Gradgerratun' of Joe William Allen White
132 The Little Tree Rose Morgan
134 On the Links Rose Morgan
135 The Maverick Willard Wattles
137 Threshing Time C. L. Edson
140 On the Farm Ellen P. Allerton
142 A Regular Dry Spell C. L. Edson
144 The Farmer C. L. Edson
146 Butchering Day C. L. Edson
148 My People Willard Wattles
152 A Tale That Is Told Margaret Hill McCarter
156 The University of Kansas Willard Wattles
158 Kansas, Mother of Us All Willard Wattles
160 The Prairie Sleeper Willard Wattles
163 The Gates Ajar Albert Bigelow Paine
164 Tescott William Herbert Carruth
165 The Sensitive Brier Amanda T. Jones
167 The Prairie Wind Willard Wattles
174 The Prairie Dorothy Statton
175 Corn C. L. Edson
188 The Harvest Hand Harry Kemp
200 The Washerwoman's Song Eugene P. Ware
202 The Eyes of Lincoln Walt Mason
203 The Little Green Tents Walt Mason
204 The Stars Above Mt. Oread Esther M. Clark
206 The Real Victor Dorothy Statton
208 Ad Vivos Kate Stephens
Sunflowers, A Book of Kansas Poems
Selected by Willard Wattles
(Chicago: A. C. McClurg. 1916)
March 26, 2005 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas /

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