Poetry of Kansas

To Pyrrha.

If days were always decorous and mild,
If nights were wet dark and strange
      and wild,
If flowers bloomed ceaseless through the
If woods were always gay and never drear,
If the river danced forever in the sun,
If songs of twitterng birds were never
This glorious world a wretched bore
      would be,
A bore insufferable to thee and me.
If you were always decorous and mild,
And never wicked, obstinate, and wild;
If only smiles and laughter through the
Grew on your life, and vou were never
If shadows never immed your star-lit
If songs were always yours and never
You, Pyrrha, too, would be as much a
As other folks, and I don't know but more.
___James Willis Gleed
Selected by Arthur Richmond Marsh
(Lawrence: Journal Publishing Co. 1888)
Pages 98-99
October 9, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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