Poetry of Kansas


Index to Poems

Introduction Arthur Richmond Marsh5
In The Depths Arthur Graves Canfield21
The Unknown SingerWilliam H. Simpson23
The Two LandsArthur Graves Canfield25
"When Fields Grow Green"Arthur Graves Canfield27
A Song Of Three SeasonsArthur Graves Canfield28
An April Rhyme Of June Arthur Graves Canfield29
AfterglowArthur Graves Canfield30
At DuskArthur Graves Canfield31
Love And LossArthur Graves Canfield33
Could I ForgetArthur Graves Canfield34
The PromiseJames A. Wickersham36
Song ("Blow, Blow") Arthur Graves Canfield38
Ballad That Villon WroteArthur Graves Canfield40
Sonnet (The Immaculate Conception Of Murillo)Arthur Graves Canfield43
PompeiiArthur Graves Canfield45
The Saxons' First CommunionArthur Graves Canfield46
"In Memoriam, J. R. A. Arthur Graves Canfield49
Chamounix Arthur Graves Canfield51
Song On The Hills Above Santa FeArthur Graves Canfield52
Song After The German Of HeineArthur Graves Canfield53
To A Friend, With A Calendar Arthur Graves Canfield54
Song For Christmas Day Arthur Graves Canfield55
Sonnet ("As Long Ago, In A Strange Land And Far,")Arthur Graves Canfield57
Quatrain ("We Grow Like What We Love")Arthur Graves Canfield58
Whispering A SecretArthur Graves Canfield58
Song ("Happy, Happy Star")Arthur Graves Canfield59
Epitaphs From The FrenchArthur Graves Canfield60
Quatrains (Dornroeschen; Life)Arthur Graves Canfield61
Prayer (From The German Of Geibel)Arthur Graves Canfield62
Quatrains (Life; The Greatest Man)Arthur Graves Canfield64
History, - A Quatrain"Arthur Graves Canfield65
In Memoriam - C. R. McC.Arthur Graves Canfield65
Birthday RhymesArthur Graves Canfield66
WingsArthur Graves Canfield69
The Pillars Of Hercules Arthur Graves Canfield70
The Last Statue Of LyciusArthur Graves Canfield72
Domus Et Porta Edward Campbell Little.86
Prayer To ZeusJames A. Wickersham91
Amores CollegiensesJames Willis Gleed93
To PyrrhaJames Willis Gleed98
ChangeJames Willis Gleed100
One Afternoon In WinterDavid Hamilton Robinson101
My LoveSolon Thacher Gilmore102
My Lady FairReminiscences By An Alumnus102
To MorpheusE. G. Brown103
The GreeksEdward Campbell Little105
Mountain And SeaElizabeth T. Spring107
AdviceJames A. Wickersham108
Christ Is RisenWilliam H. Simpson110
God Bless YouWilliam Herbert Carruth111
To Some Friends Made Long Ago At SeaWilliam Herbert Carruth113
WeedsWilliam Herbert Carruth114
Flowers And Song William Herbert Carruth115
And So We Two Must Part At LastWilliam Herbert Carruth117
Von FerneWilliam Herbert Carruth119
Umweit Dem ZielWilliam Herbert Carruth120
HeimWilliam Herbert Carruth121
ImmergruenWilliam Herbert Carruth122
The 13th VendemiaireWilliam Herbert Carruth123
The Golden AgeWilliam Herbert Carruth127
The Sophomore's InvitationWilliam Herbert Carruth130
One EveningMary Alice Manley132
EstrangementMary Alice Manley134
A ReverieWilbur Simpson Jenks135
The RosePerlee R. Bennett137
The Junior StoodPerlee R. Bennett138
The WandererJames A. Wickersham139
To LeuconoeNellie Green Thacher140
Selected by Arthur Richmond Marsh
(Lawrence: Journal Publishing Co. 1888)
Pages 142-144
April 2, 2005 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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