Poetry of Kansas

The Seasons.

Spring, the joyous season bright,
Fills the world with its delight;
Makes the frozen rivers run
Cheers the earth and warms the sun;
Covering all the land with green,
Making it, lovely as a dream.
The tree that through the winter day
Was a cheerless sight, so rude and gray,
At its withered form no one now grieves.
For it has grown beautiful with blossoms and leaves
And in its branches the birds sweetly sing__
So much for the magic touch of spring.
Then summer comes with refreshing showers;
To hasten the harvest and mature the flowers
It is then for the farmer and his wife
The busiest time of country life,
And the golden grain in the waving field
Must to the header and binder yield.
Enthroned on the bush with a quiet repose
Majestically reigns the lovely rose;
Down in the velvety meadow-lot
The daisy greets the forget-me-not.
And everywhere is claimed the bower
Of the tall and dazzling "Great Sunflower."
But summer days will wane and die,
Then we know that autumn is nigh__
The season which the poets praise,
For its laden vines and golden days.
Then the forest with childish voices resounded,
The merry nut gathering time has come 'round;
Gathering the fruit what mirth and joy,
What a jolly time for the girl and boy.
The woods present a dazzling scene,
Intermingled the tints red, gold, and green.
O autumn, thy days we love the best!
They reward man's labor and give rest.
Old winter is called cold and drear,
But the pleasures of home are then more dear.
Cracking nuts and popping corn,
Hunting tours with gun and horn.
What can we recall with more delight
Than a sleighing party on a winter's night.
And then the blessed Christmas time,
With Santa Claus, gifts and ringing chime.
Our thoughts are turned to the babe so holy,
And his blessed mother so pure and lowly.
Filled with pleasures and sports of cheer,
Old winter is the "jolliest season" of the year.

__Mary A. Cogan.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Edited by Thomas W. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers' Association. 1894)
Pages 103-104

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