Poetry of Kansas


Even in Quiet Places
William Stafford
(Lewiston: Confluence Press. 1997)
Page Title
    3Another Language
    4Deep Light
    5Stray Moments
    6History Display
    7Spirit of Place: Blue Heron
    8All The Time
    9Being Young: Eleven
  11Back Home on Class Day
  13Being Saved
  14Playing the Game
  15In a Country Churchyard
  16Big World, Little Man
  17Something You Should Know
  18Over in Montana
  19A Story I Have to Tell You
  20Farrier Talk
  21A Farewell, Age Ten
  23A Glimpse, Age Five
  24Old Prof
  26In The Book
  29That Day
  30Report to Someone
  31With Apologies All Around
  32One of the Stories
  34For Robert I. Stafford
  35Grace Abounding
  36After a Sleazy Show
  37My NEA Poem
  38You Forget
  39Learning to Adjust
  42Pretend You Live in a Room
  43From the Ink on This Page
  44Getting Here
  46Up a Side Canyon
  47East of Broken Top
  48In the All-Verbs Navaho World
  49Malheur Befor Dawn
  50For Our Party Last Night
  51Knowing Where You Are
  52Some Names
  53Survival Course
  57How You Know
  58Listening to the Tide
  59Good Thought
  60In the Library
  61A Note Slid Under the Door
  62La Boheme
  63Even in the Desert
  64The Bent-over Ones
  66The Way Trees Began
  67Watching Sandhill Cranes
  68Weeds in a Vacant Lot
  69By the Chapel
  70A Presence
  71January's Child
  72Freedom of Expression
  73Coming to Know
  75A Thanksgiving For My Father
  78Looking Out in the Morning: Carson City
  79Time Goes By
  80How It Can Be
  81Bad Dreams
  82Influential Writers
  83For the Chair of Any Committee I'm On
  84A Chile of Luck
  89Being a Person
  90Silver Star
  91Where We Are
  92Ask Me
  93Is This Feeling About the West Real?
  94From the Wild People
  95Time for Serenity, Anyone?
  96A Valley Like This
  97You Can't See It, But
  98From This Lookout Point
  99I'm Any Old Tree
100You Reading This: Stop
101Emily, This Place, and You
102It's Like This
103"Nobody cares .   .   .   "
104Pretty Good Day
105Real People
106The Whole Thing
107What Gets Away

Even in Quiet Places
William Stafford
(Lewiston: Confluence Press. 1996)

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