Poetry of Kansas


We are foolish and stupid, I tell you,
To see our homes burned and to flee;
Stand forth and be brave men,
And the battle you'll win and be free.
Old "Mammon" has claimed your devotion,
Has hoodwinked and chained you a slave;
Break loose, in your manhood,
Determined a nation to save.
Our wives and our children are starving,
The demands of the hour are great;
Don't loiter nor tamper,
But right up the great "ship of state."
The Alliance is yet but a baby;
It will soon include all working men:
The great "labor family"
Will have their just rights about then.

__Charles Pratt Judd.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Thomas B. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers Association. 1894)
Page 93

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