Poetry of Kansas

Never Give Up

Never give up when the hour of trial comes!
    Let hand and heart be steady,
A wavering thought oft ruin has brought___
    In peril be ever ready.
The conflict may be strong, like a pressing throng
    Swift upon your way,
If you the headland keep, bid your hands sweep
    That which binds you to-day.
Never give up when the hour of trial comes!
    'Tis weakness to falter;
Let your courage be shown, as a light thrown
    From off holy altar.
A bright light to gleam far down Time's stream,
    That erst a pilgrim stranger
In passing along in Time's outgoing throng,
    May well abide danger.
Never give up when the hour of trial comes!
    Your will must be the lever:
Each trial to roll from the heart's close hold
    Where it fain would linger,
And branching grow, over your shade to throw ___
    A shade deep with sadness:
Ah! instead of a frown, wear ye a crown ___
    The heart's inward gladness.
Never give up when a trying hour comes!
    Do not a moment stay!
Out of dismal retreat let your feet beat
    Fast on a higher way.
Yes, up and astir? Let the very earth whirr
    As though cleft by a bird
Whose lofty ascent by swiftest wing lent
    Could never be deterred!
Never give up when Trial's hour comes!
    Give up? No, no never!
Where ere the victor's song whose notes prolong
    Heaven's pearly gates to enter.
Each trial a step made up a holy grade
    With only a step at a time,
This you are to take and with joy your way make
    In___ with no more trials thine.

__Susan C. Keefe.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Thomas B. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers Association. 1894)
Page 81

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