Poetry of Kansas

To My Brother And Sister

Will and Drantha, I hear that you are married,
    Have joined your lives together;
To sail down future's untried sea
    And brave all kinds of weather.
So I bring my offering
    And lay it at your feet;
It is a heartfelt prayer
    That your lives be more complete.
That in each other you've a companion
    To cheer you on through life;
And one will prove a loving husband,
    The other a faithful wife.
Cling, O cling then to each other,
    Though tempest tossed be the sea;
What e'er trials may beset you
    Let them bind you more closely.
'Tis a heartfelt prayer I'm preaching,
    Breathing from a sister's heart;
That a happy life's before you
    And by death only will you part.
How I hope your lives will brighten
    Hourly, and day by day;
That many happy years are before you
    Ere either one shall pass away.

__Loretta Young.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Thomas B. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers Association. 1894)
Page 255

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