Poetry of Kansas

To The Peerless Princess.

WICHITA, thou Peerless Princess,
      I have seen thee in thy pride; 
Seen thee dressed in gala colors, 
      As became a waiting bride; 
I have seen thy waving forests, 
      And the buildings tow'ring high; 
Felt thy welcome in the breezes, 
      Saw thy smile in ev'ry eye. 
I have viewed thy stately churches,
      Where thy people meet to pray
I have seen thy wheels of commerce 
      Drivin all the busy day; 
I have heard the great heart-throbbing 
      Of the engines in thy breast__
Wichita, thou Peerless Princess, 
      Matchless city of the West! 
There I sought thy fields of learning,
      Sought to see thy noblest men; 
To climb the eyrie of the Eagle__
      Beard th bird right there and then; 
But the height but made me dizzy, 
      And the Eagle screamed so shrill, 
That I sought old terra firma, 
      There to wander at my will. 
Wichita, thou queen so potent, 
      Potent, aye, for ill or good, 
May thou yield thy mighty scepter 
      Building up man's brotherhood! 
May thy noble sons and daughters 
      Rear thy standard up so high, 
Though their feet may touch thy borders, 
      That their glory reach the sky. 
May thy highways ring with gladness,
      Filled thine air with happiest song; 
May thy joyous youth and maidens 
      Live within thy precincts long. 
Thou didst welcome us, a stranger__
      Welcomed us, an honored guest- 
Wichita, thou queen of Kansas, 
      Peerless Princess of the West. 

Note: Visited during the session of the Grand Knights of Pythias, 1891]

___John W. Beebe
Beebe, John W.
Prairie Flowers
(Topeka: Geo. W. Crane & Company. 1891)
page 104
January 10, 2002 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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