Poetry of Kansas


I do not want to join the busy world
That rushes, mad and restless, where it wills.
I am content to live my life unfurled,
My house, encompassed by the sheltering hills.

I am content with daily household tasks,
The weekly round, the circle of the year.
Each in his own good time and season asks
Order and comfort, happiness and cheer.

Happy am I to watch my garden swell,
Springing from earth alive with rain and dew,
Unfolding hourly Nature's miracle__
Old as the ages, yet forever new.

No, never lonely. These books by the fire__
Constant companionship of clever minds__
The quivering ether and the whispering wire__
And life before me like a reel unwinds.

Nor do I lack the human touch; a friend or two
To share a book, a fruit, a flower; at ease
To watch the whole wide world go marching through__
"Stagnation", say you? No, I call it peace.

__Mary K. Holmes, Hiawatha.

A Survey of Kansas Poetry
Sister M. Tharsilla Carl, O. S. B.
(Seneca: The Courier-Tribune Press. 1938)
Page 168

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