Poetry of Kansas

The Tear.

SHE weeping dropped a tear, and when it felt
      A poet caught the little pearly sphere
      And questioned it; and his enraptured ear
Caught up the things which it began to tell.
He heard the tone of solemn sounding knell
      O'er a departed Hope; the cry of Fear;
      The wail of Anguish; and soft sighings dear
Which make the lover's lonely bosom swell.
And there he saw ensphered a mother's heart,
      Bleeding for her lost child; and open grave,__
And Love amid the trophies of his dart,
      With every throb of passion that it gave.
All heights of joy, and depths of woe, were here
Encompassed in the ocean of a tear.

__Joel Moody.

The Song of Kansas
Joel Moody
(Topeka: Crane & Company. 1890)
Page 102

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