Poetry of Kansas

The Enchanted Garden.

THERE is a garden where I love to dwell,-
      There no rude winds do blow, nor scorching sun
      Shines in upon the work ere it is done;
Nor anything there done too sad to tell;
For there all life is an enchanted spell.
      It is a place where crystal Waters run,
      Gurgling through flowery mead which charm-
            eth one
Like the soft chimings of a distant bell.
Within this garden grows the tree which yields
      To man the measure of its fruitful joys;
And in its mighty top and branches shields
      The charméd inmates that it there decoys;
There all the blushing flowers of virtue start,__
It is the garden of a lovely heart.

__Joel Moody.

The Song of Kansas
Joel Moody
(Topeka: Crane & Company. 1890)
Page 136

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