Poetry of Kansas

The Glass A-Wry.

I sometimes watch from a busy store
    The people, as they pass,
Diminish and expand before
    A wry faced window glass.
They hasten on their sober ways,
    And none among them knows
What acrobatic pranks and plays
    His image undergoes.
And I am always saddened when
    This travesty I see;
It brings a grievous fault of men
    So forcibly to me.
For men discard the lens of love,
    And look through prejudice;
They see the man they're thinking of
    Distorted much like this.
And thus am I misunderstood,
    What wonder I am sad!
The very acts I mean for good,
    They misconstrue as bad.
But some there be who understand
    Rare prophets, vision eyed;
With these I labor hand in hand,
    Or suffer side by side.

__Harry Edward Mills.


Select Sunflowers
Harry Edward Mills
(Fort Scott: Sunflower Press. 1901)
Page 14-15

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