Poetry of Kansas

The Living Mind.

The mind is a living mirror
For man while here below;
It shines both day and night
Like the golden glow.
If we would look square in our mind
And view things as they are
We could avoid many trials
And console our aching hearts.
We should live for today only
Our yesterdays are past and gone;
Tomorrow is not ours
In fact it may never come.
There is one thing, my brother,
Before we cross the ridge,
We must lie down for one night
Beneath the covered bridge.
Then why should we crave or worry
For things we have not got;
Discontent is sinful
And will not improve our lot.
We should not yearn for money
For sometimes it's a curse
Happiness excels money
If in God we trust.
In tracing back the profiles of time
Checking up the points and curves
We sometimes are amazed
At the accomplishments of man.
We are standing on the threshold
Where our fathers bravely stood
Who won for us a victory
And freedom for our flag.

__J. P. Dunn.

The Plains __ Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence, Kans.: __. 1924)
Page 32

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