A Kansas Wish  

by Charles Moreau Harger
Abilene, Kansas

May Kansas skies e'er shower on you
Golden gifts from their vaults of blue;
   May Kansas winds that ceaseless blow,
   Now fierce and high, now soft and low,
Bring with them in their course so free
Bright, fadeless crowns of praise for thee.

May thy sorrows vanish e'er scarce they're found,
   Like Kansas snow;
And leave no trace on life's background
   As they lightly go.

While thy joys shall cling with lingering hold,
   Like Kansas wealth;
And their mark remain in the letters bold
   Of springing health.

May the force of thy foes be quickly spent,
   Like Kansas storms;
And no harm to thee with its strength be blent,
   Whate'er its forms.

While thy friends stand faithful, firm and true,
   Like Kansas soil;
Nor quickly change for the old the new    In life's turmoil.

May the Kansas air thy heart imbue
With a spirit pure as the Kansas dew;
   May the boundless prairies stretching here,
   Now fresh and green, now brown and sere,
So lift thy soul that there shall be
A broader, larger life for thee.


Barrington, F. H.
Kansas Day
(Topeka: Geo. W. Crane & Company. 1892)

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