Stylized Sunflower  

Kansas-Its Past, Present, And Future

  Stylized Sunflower

Recorded–read on history's brightest page–
Written in blood, a story ne'er forgot,
Of days agone; when pioneers endured
Privations, hardships, on this sacred spot.
We read of all the unforgotten past,
That o'er the present its reflections cast,
And hearts then fired with patriotic zeal,
Yet live, nor time shall their brave deeds conceal.

The present, can we need to tell in rhyme
Of this, our glorious age, the present time?
To-day stands forth, unparalleled and grand,
And Kansas leads the van, in our vast land.
The heroes of the past we still revere;
Their spirits, “marching on,” are reverenced here
And as the present, teeming with its light,
Yields us its bounties, all seems glad and bright.

And in the future, glorious, grand, sublime,
None may foretell the change of coming time,
But, this we know: The band that in the past
Crowned us with peace and blessings rich and vast,
Shall guide, uphold, our mighty State alway;
And Kansas hold her rank in fame to-day.
First in our hearts, our State shall always be,
Home of the brave, the birthplace of the free.

Laura E. Newell


Barrington, F. H.
Kansas Day
(Topeka: Geo. W. Crane & Company. 1892)

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