Poetry of Kansas

This and That.

        A lily fair,
        Burdened with care,
 Eked out a plain existence
        In a corner spot
        Of a pasture lot,
Quite free from the sun's assistance.
        Tho' lily fair,
        Had naught to spare
Of bright and jeweled splendor;
        She gave to all
        In captive's thrall,
A welcome warm and tender.
        And she could be,
        Of all most free,
And meek and mild and winning;
        And who'd not love
        A poor, pure dove
Quite free from the vale of sinning !
        A violet bright
        As the stars of night,
Shone forth with beauty beaming,
        From a palace grand
        With walls of sand,
And with dew on her petals gleaming.
        Yet violets true
        With eyes of blue,
Was quite serene in fashion;
        None could of her
        One freak prefer,
Nor repose beneath her passion.

        Now it was she
        Who strove to be
The pride of state and nation;
        But pride in word
        This truth deferred,
And alone she served her ration.

        The lily is pale,
        The violet blue,
We admire this marked relation;
        But violet is stale,
        The lily true,
Who cares for wealth or station?

__James Wilkinson.

Hours in Dreamland
James Wilkinson
(Buffalo: The Peter Paul Book Company. 1896)
Pages 158-159

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