Poetry of Kansas

Our Flag.

The stars and the stripes I so cherish,
        That flag of the brave and the free;
E'en though for its safety I perish,
        My blood will its sacrifice be.
Spake a soldier: his heart o'erflowing
        With admiration and love for its pride;
The flush of manhood brightly glowing,
        While his idol he proudly eyed.
Oh, the glory of that waving parcel,
        The sunlight of heaven's reflected array;
The zephyrs of ocean your folds kindly fondle,
        Photos of aerial beauty your colors portray.
Yes, I glory in its chivalric beauty,
        A chivalry that never will lag;
And, in submission to chivalric duty
        Permit me, oh God! to carry our flag.
With war's dark clouds o'ershadowed,
        Our spirits though destined to wag;
In reflection of honor yet remembered
        Permit me, oh God! to mention our flag.
When peace, its broad wings of prosperity,
        Shall from ocean to ocean its lusts en-tag;
Then, as in the days of our minority,
        Permit me, oh God! to reverence our flag.
When harmony, the veil of hostility,
        Shall lift from our view its vices zig-zag;
There, in the peace and joy of tranquility,
        Permit me, oh God! to insert our flag.

__James Wilkinson.

Hours in Dreamland
James Wilkinson
(Buffalo: The Peter Paul Book Company. 1896)
Pages 71-72

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