Poetry of Kansas

Longfellow's Day.

                Warm is the sun:
        A halo of vapors enhance our vision;
While far in the background, indistinct and gray,
The blithe form of faeries our fancies portray.
                ' Tis the spirit of Poetry
        That has lulled dead Winter to sleep;
That has melted our passions, which now flow
In continual anthems, none but rapture may know.
                All is unity:
        E'en with youthful loves entwined;
The soft, scented wooings of Spring's early morning
Gather into crystals, the picture adorning.
                Youthful dreams:
        You, flowers of Winter most fragrant;
Imbibe all our effort, scorn at our reason,
No day of the year are you more in due season.
                Contented voices:
        Mingled in the general lull of the twilight;
Empty your hearts, from their depth in our lay,
Rejoice and make merry this Longfellow's Day.

__James Wilkinson.

Hours in Dreamland
James Wilkinson
(Buffalo: The Peter Paul Book Company. 1896)
Pages 99-100

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