Poetry of Kansas


Onward, the course of empire takes its way,
       A human train with magic strife;
Triumphant the age is swiftly coming
       When barren deserts spring into life.
Our state with all of its resources,
        Has been wrapt long enough in a trance;
She has succeeded in reforming all principals
        That superstition had ruled by the lance.
No task by ignorance fostered,
        Has yet daunted the skill of our time;
All barriers that nature afforded
        Are now working in mechanical rhyme.
No problem of political economy,
        Has mastered our science of law;
We tread to the beat of our conscience,
        We reverence our state with just awe:
Old Kansas has a foundation
        As firm as the light of the sun;
And, though at the height of her gloW,
        Her childhood has only begun.
Old Kansas, Old KANSAS, forever !
        The land of brave hearts and free intellect;
Shall dwell in the midst of all splendor,
        Where heavenly arches her glory may reflect !

__James Wilkinson.

Hours in Dreamland
James Wilkinson
(Buffalo: The Peter Paul Book Company. 1896)
Page 157

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