Poetry of Kansas

The Cherry.

With measured cadence's soft vibration,
          Silently and one by one;
In deepened sighs to awe relation:
          And a cherry's mission is done.
Still more silently, the breathing
          Of a peaceful zephyr calmed to sleep,
Tranquilly hushes; the boughs cease wreathing,
          And a cherry its vigils keep.
A bird in a neighboring thicket
          Is flinging a paean sincere;
Filled with praises of quality in cricket,
          And a cherry blushes to hear.
In silence his notes seek an echo,
          Hoping that accepted they might be;
Still silence is the price of his gusto,
          And a cherry's thanks are free.
Now a sunbeam warm is tendered,
          By the grateful aid of a leaf;
Hope to a fainting heart is rendered,
          And a cherry is robbed of grief.
A cool but effeminate moment,
          A passion with hasty words spoken,
Rends a tie by purity lent;
          And a cherry's heart is broken.
A single experience has each little cherry,
          Of sunshine and joy, of tempest and pain;
Yet as we, tho' all things bury,
          The germ of our nature liveth again.

__James Wilkinson.

Hours in Dreamland
James Wilkinson
(Buffalo: The Peter Paul Book Company. 1896)
Pages 98-99

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